Pinewood Derby

January 2004

Our shiny new aluminum track

is a little too shiny for the timing gates..  Pack leaders try to fix the problem while the crowd waits.


Then we all went inside where we knew the set-up would work.


Awaiting the the races.


The guys setting the cars must be sure each car is put in its assigned lane.


Cars ready to go ...


... the lever is pulled, each car gets a fair start...

..down they drop...


.. picking up speed down the incline ...

... streaking down the straightaway ...

... and across the finish line!

Tiger Cars


The Tiger Winner

and other Tiger winners.

The Wolf winners.


The Bear winners.


The Webelo winners.


Webelo cars.

More pictures ...

The Final Four raceoff among the age-level winners


All eyes are on the lead cars .. except for one worried-looking pair of eyes.

The view from where the cars are laid out for racing.


Pack 230 home

Photos and webpage by David Lynch