Google Earth Overlays

These are .kmz files which overlay map images onto Google Earth.
You can either double-click them to open up Google Earth, or while Google Earth is open.
You may have to click on an 'open' option, and may have to click a file called 'loc.kml' to get it all to open.

It may take a little while for the overlay to load, but I have not been having problems.  - David

Atlanta geology, geography, and history

GoogleEarthOverlays/Atlanta_geol.kmz   The 2003 Atlanta geological map*
GoogleEarthOverlays/Atlanta_geol_topo.kmz shaded relief map overlay for the geological map

 GoogleEarthOverlays/CW_Dekalb_ver2.kmz  Civil War Era map of Dekalb County routes of Union soldiers

GoogleEarthOverlays/Clarkston_1939.kmz Clarkston 1939 aerial photo from Montreal Woods to Memorial Drive
GoogleEarthOverlays/StoneMtn1960.kmz  Stone Mountain in 1960 before the lake. Image is lined-up to roads, perspective is slightly different on top of mountain.


*Geologic Map of the Atlanta 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Georgia
2003, Higgins, Michael W.; Crawford, T. J.; Atkins, R. L.; Crawford, R. F.