Scans from family photos

Photos with the first child/first grandchild (David)

June 1954 - Summer 1955

At the Baugnon Home on Lanier Blvd...

Rare photo - Baugnon's and Lynch's together

Godparents Uncle Bill and Aunt Eileen

Grandmother B

Grandfather B

Grandfather B and 'Buttons'  the dog

even rarer - Lynch's and Baugnon's and GreatGrandmother Mimi (and "Uncle Albert"?)

Great Grandmother Mimi and Uncle Albert (second husband)

New parents

good picture of Mom (after I cropped myself out of it)
We were posed outside at Dan Lane


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Coming up: 1950's fashions and the latest in strollers
at Dan Lane ('Hilltop Apartments')
off Piedmont near Lindbergh (ain't there no more)

Coming up: Madonna and Child:

Mother and Child (with one in the oven?) (Ida Cason Gardens?)

Atlanta babies get to drink Coke!
at Dan Lane

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