Scans from family photos

set 1: "before David" (all with Granddaddy Hugh)

set 2: "before Patty" (group photos with first Grandchild in family)

set: 3 " before John" (also 'before  Canadian Way')

set 4: "60's and 70's"


A little history as I understand it:

Louis and Mary Ellen Baugnon were born in New Orleans.  The phone company transferred him to Jackson, MS, then to Jacksonville FL (where Mom Catherine was born) then to Atlanta.  They lived in East Point with their maternal Grandmother (John's chicken picture) then moved to Lanier Blvd.  Uncle Bill married Aunt Diann while they were working in New Orleans, and lived with Grandpa on Lanier Blvd after they moved to Atlanta. That house was sold shortly after Robbie was born and they all moved onto Country Squire Lane.

Dad Hugh Lynch was born in Mt. Vernon NY, just north of NYC.  He spent a lot of his early years in Washington DC and Mt. Ranier MD, just outside DC.  He went to school in Brooklyn living at the Fitzgerald family home.  His parents moved to Atlanta before he graduated from High School, earning him the title of 'a southerner' among his classmates.  He was in the Air Force (San Antonio, Cheyenne ,WY) and later met mom in Atlanta at 'St. Michael's Club' for Catholic Youth.  His older sister Betty had passed away as a child, leaving him as the oldest.

I was the first child born to my parents and to both grandparents making me pretty spoiled.  I think that's why there are so many family pictures of me as an infant.  Tricia recognized that this was unfair, and I believe that she made sure that there were as many pictures of Stephanie and Jackie as there were of Cathy.

When Tricia and I were born we lived at 'Hilltop Apartments' on Dan Lane (which is a little loop of a road off Piedmont, right next to Peachtree Creek, near Lindberg). It has been replaced by a new apartment complex. Then around 1957 or 1958 we moved to Smyrna on a corner of Cherokee Road (now Windy Hill Road).  Google Streetview shows the house as still there, but its an office.  Then we moved to a house in the woods on a lake off Peachtree Dunwoody Road.  The drive to our house was directly across from where the Glenridge Connector now hits Peachtree Dunwoody.  There is a gated community there now, but Google maps actually shows the lake that is no longer there!   Then we moved to Canadian Way in November 1959.


The house was on the NE side of the Lake